Egalité at the Belgian Pride

Egalité at the Belgian Pride


Egalité is looking into a possibility to participate at this year’s Pride Belgium which will take place in Brussels on 20 May. Last year interns of the EU institutions participated at the Pride and they will do the same this year, and we believe that we should be present as well, especially as we live in the particularly sensitive historical moment where we need to show that we support the EU integration and values it represents.

Our participation would be rather simple, with us walking in the parade, holding EU and rainbow flags. We would be of course open to your suggestions as well, however we would prefer to keep it low-budget but with a strong presence.

Before proceeding with organization of our participation, we would need to know how many of you would be willing to join us?

Please fill in this very short form (–Kv4Fuy5im6ez_IFAWLTj_vspuacv3g/viewform) if you would be willing to commit to participate at this event as part of our delegation. We welcome also your partners and friends, as the bigger we are the better!

Please fill in the form only if you can commit to participate.

We hope you would join us!

Egalité board


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