Respectful work place

Respectful work place


In case of harassment or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact us but at the same time do inform your administration and the confidential counselors.

Since its foundation, Egalité has been combating discrimination affecting LGBTI+ staff within the European institutions.

Egalité provides individual assistance to its members in case of harassment or discrimination.

Over the years, the legal requirements of non-discrimination have been strengthened in the EU staff regulations. This is necessary in order to provide adequate protection but is not enough.

The EU institutions should lead by example by establishing a truly inclusive work environment where LGBTI+ employees feel valued, can be fully themselves and realize their full potential. The institutions should implement best practices as illustrated in international rankings and adhere to international charters in this field.

Ensuring coherence between internal HR policies and the external action of the EU in the field of promotion of LGBTI+ rights is essential to the credibility of the EU institutions.

In 2018 the Egalité Committee has asked the EU institutions to organize obligatory training for all management, HR staff and newly hired staff of the EU institutions and bodies,  to ensure a respectful working environment and act against biases, including in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity. The same training should be offered to all the staff of the EU institutions and bodies on a voluntary basis.