Welcome to the EGALITÉ website

Welcome to the EGALITÉ website

🎉 Get ready to celebrate 30 incredible years of Egalité! 🥳

Egalité is poised to commemorate 30 years of its existence, symbolizing three decades dedicated to equality and community. To mark this significant milestone, an anniversary party, combined with a pre-Christmas celebration, is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6th at Les Grands Carmes at 18h30. We will deliver a special video message from the top EU political figures and officials that will be projected during the event to honour this day.

To enhance the festive atmosphere on this special day, each guest will be greeted with a glass of bubbles, and the evening will unfold in a joyous ambience set to the rhythmic tunes spun by the DJ.🎂🎈🎊

We’ll provide you with a reminder one week before the event.

To mark this significant milestone, we are also finalising preparations on a webinar entitled “LGBTI+ Rights as Human Rights”. (here meeting link)

During the webinar there will be four panels (EU fundamental values/ Promotion through ongoing Policies/ Communication, Narratives and Survey Data/ Action and Visibility) with representatives from EU Institutions and EU Agencies, speakers from international and regional organisations as well as LGBTI+ staff Associations. We are joining forces to promote and protect the Human Rights of LGBTI+ persons.


As the anniversary party and the year-round management of various events demand significant financial resources, and donations constitute our sole income stream, we earnestly appeal to our generous members for their continued support. Kindly contribute once again to assist us in creating an unforgettable event. Scan the QR code using your banking application and send your contribution.

Thanks a million for your support. It’s truly valued and means a lot.


Egalité – an association for LGBTI+ staff working within the EU institutions – was set up in 1993 for the purpose of combating any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics. It seeks in particular to ensure that LGBTI+ colleagues (including same-sex couples) are treated without discrimination within EU bodies and institutions, and it also campaigns for LGBTI+ rights in Europe.

Over the years since it came into being, Egalité has achieved a great deal in fields such as the recognition of same-sex marriages and partnerships, the granting of welfare benefits to same-sex couples and the framing of EU legislation to take into account LGBTI+ concerns. Current areas of activity include awareness-raising within the workplace and addressing the needs of ‘rainbow’ families and of LGBTI+ staff working in delegations outside the EU.

Égalité also organises social events for its members.