Welcome to the EGALITE web site

Welcome to the EGALITE web site

Egalité was created in 1993 as an association of LGBTI+ staff members of EU institutions, aiming at combating any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

In particular, we act to secure, within European Union bodies and institutions, non-discriminatory treatment for same-sex couples and trans colleagues. At the same time Egalité also campaigns for the rights of LGBTI+ persons in Europe.

Egalité has worked successfully to persuade the European Union institutions to recognise same-sex marriages and partnerships. As a result, social benefits granted by EU institutions are now available to same-sex couples. We provide support to our members in resolving any practical difficulties faced in the process of partnership recognition.

We have monitored European Union legislation and projects to try to ensure that LGBTI+ issues are kept at the forefront of policymakers’ attention, and worked together with national groups lobbying on the inclusion of a non-discrimination article in the Amsterdam Treaty as well as on its implementation.

While a lot was accomplished since 1993, a lot still needs to be done. We are particularly working on raising awareness on LGBTI+ issues and working on making our work place a pleasant environment for all staff members.

We are also working on addressing the needs of LGBTI+ families, as well as the needs of our staff members working in Delegations outside of the European Union.

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