Results of the EGALITE Survey

Results of the EGALITE Survey

ÉGALITÉ have recently carried out internal on-line consultations to inquire about our members’ situation at work and the potential cases of inappropriate behaviour and harassment. The questionnaire was carried out in September and October of 2017 with total of 141 replies from all EU Institutions and bodies.

The main findings of the Questionnaire are the following;

– The Survey shows that 40% of the respondents are not fully out at work and that 53% of staff does not feel at ease to discuss their private lives with their colleagues and managers;

– Reasons for not feeling at ease at work are linked to either general atmosphere at work or a particular person and in fewer cases the hierarchy. In its recent Communication « A better work place for all: from equal opportunities towards diversity and inclusion », the European Commission calls for sensitivity and bias training for Managers, however our survey shows that more issues arise in interaction with other staff, and in lesser extent with managers;

– Some of our colleagues face direct homophobia at their present or past work place, with considerable number of colleagues facing indirect homophobia;

– 33% of colleagues believe that their orientation resulted in difficulties at their work place;

– The results of the Questionnaire will be communicated to all the institutions, and ÉGALITÉ will work with the EU Institutions in ensuring that our work place is a truly welcoming place for all our colleagues.

We also take note of your suggestions for the work of ÉGALITÉ which will be reflected in our Work Programme for 2018.

Results of the Questionnaire – Overall

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