LGBTI+ Families

LGBTI+ Families


The LGTBI+ staff members of the EU institutions are still not equal to heterosexual staff members on the questions related of family issues, IVF costs reimbusement and leave rights. ÉGALITÉ is currently working to resolve the following issues:

Discrimination against LGBTI+ staff with regard to reimbursements for fertility treatments

We propose that the AIPN issue guidance, setting out that:

  • LGBTI+ staff may benefit from the same reimbursement of insemination treatments as heterosexual couples, without having to demonstrate any pathology;
  • LGBTI+ staff may benefit from the reimbursement of IVF treatments without having to demonstrate any pathology, after a given number of failed inseminations, taking into account the scientific literature.


Discrimination of male couples for maternity leave/special adoption leaves

We urge the European Union institutions to make the maternity (or equivalent) leave gender-neutral and to systematically grant male homosexual couples a 20-weeks leave in cases when;

  • both male parents are on the birth certificate. In this case leave should be granted to one of the parents (the EU official), or in case both are EU officials, a possibility to split the leave between them should be made possible;
  • one male parent (EU official) is on the birth certificate with another woman who has renounced her maternity rights;
  • male parent (EU official) is the only person on the birth certificate.



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